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What Are The Best Keywords To Use On My Resume?

Are you frustrated by the fact that recruiters are not finding you although you think you have a very professional resume? Maybe, your resume is not optimized with the ‘best keywords’ which is one of the essential characteristics of a good resume.

The best keywords are the words used in a resume which the hiring managers use to find you in a search engine or an Applicant Tracking System. Resume keywords are what many companies use to quick scan several resumes and to select the best resume. The resume keywords are exactly what the hiring managers want to see in your resume before anything else.

All successful resumes contain standard keywords that help to optimize relevant skills, abilities, achievements, and previous experiences. Make your resume concise, specific, targeted and visible by using the powerful keyword tool. Call a professional resume writing service to assist you.

Treat them as the heart of your resume without which it will be impossible to be found in search results by the employers which eventually means no interview and therefore, no job. Learn how to succeed in your job search by optimizing various areas of your professional resume with essential keywords:

1.    Optimize for your personal information:

At first, use keywords for your name which means to consistently use the same version of your name across all your profiles, resume, email and so on. Include targeted resume information for your location and when you do that, make sure to include both city and state. For example: Portland, OR. Furthermore, you must also include keywords for the languages you know and the degrees you possess.

2.    Optimize for your professional goals:

Include keywords specific to your desired job title and your industry expertise. Administration Manager or Senior Administration Officer could be a keyword/phrase example of a job title. Similarly, use proper words to target your industry which can be healthcare, engineering, medicine, biotechnology, etc.

3.    Optimize for your work history:

Highlight your resume with the right keywords pertaining to your previous work experience. Emphasize your current and previous job titles by using standard job titles so they are easily visible to the employers. Put the name of your current employer you’re working for.

Don’t miss the name of any relevant reputable employers you worked for in the past even though you worked for them 10 years back. If you have volunteer experience that matches your desired job requirements, feel free to add the keywords specific to it as well.

4.    Optimize for your qualification:

Give your employers a quick overview of your qualification by using the most important keywords specific to the job position. Use targeted keywords for your skills, relevant licenses, training, education, software and hardware, tools, technology, applications as well as major honors, awards, recognition, certification, the success of relevant projects and relevant publication of books or journals.

From the above resume keywords writing tips, it is clear what keywords are and how to determine the best keywords for your resume targeted for a specific job title and industry. Once you know the standards of resume keyword success, it is not very difficult to be found by recruiters and get called for an interview for your dream job.

If you have not begun this yet, start scanning through requirements of your desired job now and add the keywords pertaining to the post across your LinkedIn Profile, resume, email and cover letter.

Make yourself the most visible by placing the right keywords and phrases in your resume and see the results it will provide in your job search. It is also a great idea to know more about resumes and keyword usage from a qualified resume coach.

Turn your unsatisfactory resume into a successful resume today using the best resume keywords. Contact a professional resume assistant now.

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