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What Are The Benefits Of Having A LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that has become one of the most powerful and popular online networks in the world. Irrespective of your status as a new user or an experienced professional, a well-composed LinkedIn Profile can open doors to various opportunities that you never knew existed. Who would have known getting connected with recruiters, prospective bosses and even to the people with similar job responsibilities and titles would be so easy? LinkedIn not only made it possible but made it easy so that you can have a network of like-minded professionals with just a click of a button.

LinkedIn is a platform that not only showcases your online resume and employment profile of the past and present but also offers a mix of capabilities including messaging, networking, article writing and publishing posts. With a huge network of professional connections, LinkedIn completely focuses on business and employment. A professional LinkedIn Profile can be one of your greatest professional assets giving you an edge over other applicants. Every day, thousands of users around the world are signing up for LinkedIn, making it a platform of networking approximately 400 million professionals and it is still growing.

Why Having A Professional LinkedIn Profile Is Important

Creates A Positive First Impression!


As a result of the growing popularity of LinkedIn, today, approximately 85% of hiring managers and 95% of recruiters head to an applicant’s LinkedIn Profile. This is when a professionally written customized LinkedIn Profile can make a huge difference to your overall job application. Within 30 seconds of reading your LinkedIn profile, they form an opinion about you.


A well-composed and up-to-date profile will automatically grab reader’s attention.

Please make sure that your LinkedIn Profile is complete with correct details of your education and professional experience, accompanied with a corporate photograph representing you to be a true professional. However, it is to be noted that where a complete LinkedIn Profile can do wonders for you, an incomplete or unprofessional LinkedIn Profile can actually have a negative or detrimental effect on your candidature. If you decide to create a LinkedIn Profile, have it created  properly and professionally.

Get Found

Today, various organizations use LinkedIn as a platform to hire and head-hunt new talent. Companies often reach out to qualified candidates and one of the most popular places for them is LinkedIn. Even if you’re not actively looking for a new job, having a LinkedIn account can get you a call for a bright and prospective future.

Network With Recruiters, Managers, Colleagues

LinkedIn is a professional network of like-minded individuals, with many opportunities to select from.

You can get involved in forums, join various community groups and connect with professionals at no extra cost. Joining LinkedIn is completely free.

Quicker Referrals

The endorsements that are given in a LinkedIn platform work as the testimonials or the online word of mouth. It is an effective form of marketing. Your endorsements can help the potential Hiring Managers know more about your skills and capabilities in detail and help them make an informed decision with respect to hiring you for the position with their company.

Greater Chances To Land Job Interviews

Recruiters and Hiring Managers post many job openings on LinkedIn as well. This showcases new opportunities throughout the LinkedIn site. Getting connected to a network of like-minded professionals open new opportunities for you. By having a complete LinkedIn Profile and engaging with other users, you can have access to potential opportunities and business leads.

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