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Resumes For Job Seekers Applying For Brewery Jobs

Oregon is home to more than 200 breweries and brew pubs producing a large variety of beer. With abundant natural resources, temperate climate, fertile land and an abundance of rain, Portland has the largest number of breweries of any city in the world. It has many mid-size and small breweries established by the brewery pioneers.


With a craft brewing craze, Portland is a destination spot of career opportunities in the Brewery Industry. If you have a good palate for beer and are looking to make a career in the brewing industry, get a professionally crafted resume to help you stand out from the crowd.

Resume Writers Who Understand Keyword Optimized Brewery Terminology

Your resume provides your first impression to the hiring manager and a professionally written resume ensures that your resume will be impressive. Professional resume writers create job-winning resumes that are customized to your profile.


They build the resume around the keywords that effectively highlight your core competencies, unique skills and past work experience. And this is not all.  Professional resume writers also write an accompanying cover letter and a thank you letter along with your resume and prepare you for future interviews and job offers.

Interview Winning Brewery Resume Writing Company

The Brewery Industry has some key positions that can lead to exciting career opportunities. From the position of an Intern to that of the Head Brewer or the Master Brewer, everyone has a role to play. So, if you want to move toward becoming a beer professional in the brewery industry, the various job titles you can apply, of course in conjunction with your experience and skills, are: Brewery Intern/Entry Position Job, Packaging, Brewing Operations, Craft Brewer, Brewery Representative, Quality Control Manager, Head/Master Brewer, Assistant Brewer, Tendering & Contracting, Equipment Installation & Valuation, Brand Development, Cellar Work, Laboratory Duties, Brewing Process Requirements and Design, Licensee Training and many more.

Get Help With A Resume Geared Towards Brewery Jobs

The beer industry is unique. It celebrates and rewards talent and passion just as much as education and experience. The skills of a brewery professional cover a vast range of specialization areas including yeast cropping, packaging, marketing, fermentation, temperature control, multi-skilled activities, compliance functions, etc.


Beginners can qualify in multiple areas such as storage, handling, brewing testing & quality assurance, sales & service, and packaging & distribution. The Brewery Industry also offers beginners the opportunity to develop knowledge in various brewing technology areas. So, if you truly want to join this community, get a professionally written resume now.

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