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Are Resume Mills A Bad Idea?

Resume Mills are low-budget, and low-quality resume writing services. They have gained traction in the market offering consumers nothing other than failure and disappointment in their job search. The reason many hire a resume mill is often that of their deceptive marketing strategies which include incredibly low or even free cost.

Usually camouflaged as free resume critiques, the resume mills target nervous job hunters, ask them to send over their existing resume and/or to fill out a survey form only to make their resume worse. Trusting a resume mill can be more painful than you might think. Here are 5 main reasons why resume mills are so bad:

1. Their work is superficial and unreliable: Unlike skilled and successful resume writers who treat you with care and respect regarding you and your career, the resume mills only ask you to fill out a form and will never contact you personally for clarification and deeper inquiries. Ask yourself, "Do you think someone can craft your career resume based on a mere form?"

You know it is impossible. Therefore, even if you have created a resume from a mill, know that it is not a true reflection of your professional life and can never get you ahead in career. So don’t waste your time and money on resume mills just because they may be cheaper than professional resume writers. Hire a professional resume writing service to write your resume.

2. They don’t have expert writers: Resume mills focus on getting as many completed resumes as possible rather than writing effective and successful job-winning resumes for the customers. The writers they hire are generally not skilled and competent enough to write a professional resume for you, nor will they ever research or communicate with you in a personalized way. Due to this reason, resume mills are bad and you should never trust them.

3. They play with your emotions: What can be worse than this? If you are afraid of failure or are anxious about getting the jobs you want, you are likely to become a prey of resume mills. With their free services, they will lure you to review your valuable resume so they can shred it and rewrite it without paying much consideration towards your goals, life, and career.

The resumes created by such mills are unreliable and never guarantee your success. If you trust them and think that you will progress in your career with their services, you are likely to be frustrated and disappointed. So, it is wise to be careful and stay away.

4. They don’t care about you: Doesn’t this sound painful? But it’s 100% true. You might trust them believing that they will support your career with their amazing services. However, in reality, all they care about is creating and delivering a resume document to you as quickly as they can so that they rush into more resumes and earn more money. You should never expect that they will care about your personal needs and goals. The resume mills are, thus, bad and useless.

The resume mills will be ineffective and even harmful in your career search especially if you are a new and anxious job searcher. Therefore, it is always a great idea to do diligent research before you depend on low-quality resume service providers like resume mills. Instead of choosing such unreliable mills, find a genuine resume writing servicethat will listen to your needs and craft your resume to highlight your skills and abilities.

A great resume writing service always spends enough time to listen to your situation; they don’t treat you like a number. You matter!! So, have you called your resume writing service yet?

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