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Reasons Why Top Resume Pros Are the Best Resume Professionals in Portland OR.

So, what is it that makes us different from all other professional “resume experts” you can find?  Well, first of all, we take our job very seriously.  We are not writing resumes for our clients as a part-time job.  This is our career choice and all of our employees are working for our business, because they want to be here.  All of our resume writers take each resume with total dedication and this is why we have a policy of working closely together with each client so that both sides can understand each other completely.

At Top Resume Pros, we understand that each and every client is a unique person who wants to have a specific resume, one that will reflect on who they are as professionals.  This is why we always take the time to get to know our clients and talk to them about their needs, achievements and ambitions before we start doing work for them.

Most trusted professional resume writers in Portland OR:

We don’t expect you to take our word when we say that we offer the best resume writing services in all of Portland, Oregon.  No. The best way you can find out whether some services are good or not is to see what their previous clients have to say.

You can find many online reviews of Top Resume Pros; go through a few of them and you will see for yourself that all of the people that hired our services in the past were amazed by the level of quality and professionalism we offer.  If you compare our reviews to any other resume writing service in Portland, you will understand why we have the freedom to claim that we are, in fact, the number one resume service in Portland OR.  Our resumes generate results and that is what counts.

A lot of our former clients were satisfied with the end results, and, more importantly, they were able to find a job using the resumes we wrote for them, get new job opportunities, establish themselves as experts in their field and maintain their status as reputable professionals.

All of our writers are full time professionals

If you are still not convinced with our expertise, then let’s talk a bit about our writers. We understand that it’s not enough to say that we have a lot of experience in writing resumes and that all of our past clients were satisfied with how we handled their demands.

Besides the fact that we have high standards for hiring writers at Top Resume Pros and we test their skills thoroughly before they get the chance to work for us.  We make sure that they are certified professional resume writers, or if not, they have to take test and become certified professionals before they can start working for us full-time. This is how we can guarantee our clients that our writers are capable of handling any kind of resume writing task and that they are not some semi-professionals that know a thing or two about this line of work.

All of the professionals that work at Top Resume Pros are full-time writers that do their jobs on a regular basis. None of our employees are part-time workers that jump in when they have nothing else to do. They do their jobs on daily basis, and they are always in touch with their field. Our full-time writers also keep track of all industry developments and get updated regularly on new practices and methods of resume writing.

This is how we guarantee that you will always get a top-notch service that meets the current industry standards, no matter what industry you are in.

Our writers in Portland OR are resume engineers:

Like we mentioned before, our writers invest a lot in their professional development and our whole company places a great focus on improvement. All of our creative writers are resume engineers that can do the most tricky tasks, and this is not only because of their talent, but because we emphasize improvement, knowledge and sharing ideas between our older and younger writers

The professionals working for us a Top Resume Pros know how to do their research and it doesn’t matter if you are a mechanical engineer or a kindergarten teacher, we know what information to look for and how to write a resume that has credibility. Our creative writers have the necessary imagination to put themselves in the client’s position and convey their knowledge and skills to people who might be interested in reading their resume.

Thinking outside the box is not a problem for us and we can take any suggestions from our clients and go through any ideas you may have; no matter what your field is, we always try to set an appropriate tone and use technical words that are suited for that industry.

Lowest cost and affordable resume writing service in Portland OR:

Another reason why you should hire Top Resume Pros is because we offer not only the best resume services in all of Portland, but the most affordable ones as well.  We understand that most people don’t understand just how important having a professionally written resume is, and that’s why we have lowered our prices so that everyone involved in the deal is satisfied.

There are a lot of people on the web who have magically become resume writers overnight. Our credentials, reputation, customer satisfaction and reviews guarantee top quality. When you find out that your professional future and personal stability are at risk and you admit that you don’t have the skill to write an amazing resume, you should turn to our help.

At Top Resume Pros, we know that a resume is an essential marketing object that is needed when searching for a good job. It creates a foundation from which you’ll build yourself as a professional, making you more visible to people who recruit employees. Plus, it gives you valuable options. If you get a good resume, you get a good job; simple as that.

This is perhaps one of the most important financial investments you will make for the sake of your career. Top Resume gives you all of this knowledge and understanding, and for a decent price.  This is why you should hire us before anyone else!

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