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Do I Need A Cover Letter With My Resume?

Apart from a resume, a cover letter is another powerful document to sell your valuable abilities to the employers. However, not every company clearly asks for a cover letter which often leads people to wonder, “Should I submit a cover letter with my resume?” This is undoubtedly an important question to ask since a cover letter, if it’s a good once, radically elevates your candidacy for jobs.

According to career experts, there are certain circumstances when you must send your cover letter and there are some when you should not. Discover more about this question in detail below:

When Should I Submit A Cover Letter?

The career experts recommend that you must attach a cover letter with your resume almost at all times. Even if a job posting does not seem to be particularly asking for a cover letter, make sure that you do submit one. Doing so will demonstrate that you have good motivation towards the job. A cover letter is a strong opportunity to show case your qualifications.

A well written cover letter is the one that tells your employer why they should hire you and how you meet their requirements in a convincing way – increasing your value for the job. Therefore, if you want to create an impressive cover letter, you might want to consult a professional cover letter writing service.

Why Should I Submit A Cover Letter?

There are several amazing advantages you can obtain if you submit a cover letter along with your resume. They are as follows:

Stand out among other candidates: A good cover letter helps to increase your value in the job market. With the help of an expert cover letter writing service, you can promote your skills and abilities in a professional way which will eventually make you stand out from other candidates. Don’t miss out an opportunity to stand out.

Impress the employer with your personality: While a resume contains only facts about your career life, a cover letter gives you an opportunity to express a bit more casually and helps to build a relationship with the reader to some extent. It’s an opportunity to enthusiastically talk about your special interests and accomplishments which you could not include in your resume. So, go ahead and feel free to talk more openly about yourself and impress your employer with your amazing personality.

Create a convincing story: Who doesn’t like stories? Good stories keep readers engaged and the information is retained in their memory for a long time. Therefore, be creative enough to tell your career story in a cover letter which you’re unable to accomplish on a resume. Carve your story in a unique way that convinces your employer why you are perfect for the job. If you have a career transition or relocation issues, go ahead and describe it by telling it in an exciting story format. 

When Should I Not Submit A Cover Letter?

Having discussed all the advantages of submitting a cover letter, is there any cases when one should not submit his or her cover letter? When the employers explicitly state not to send a cover letter, then, by all means, follow the instruction.

Sometimes, employers love to see if you are able to follow their instructions. So, prove yourself to them by showing that you can. Another instance when you should not submit a cover letter is while applying for an online job that does not offer any option to submit your cover letter.


Although there are instances when you are not required to submit your cover letter, it is still the best idea to make sure that you submit one except for some circumstances mentioned above. Writing a good cover letter is often a challenging task; so never hesitate to consult a cover letter writing service if you should need one.

The results you gain by creating a great cover letter is worth celebrating - giving you opportunities for job interviews.

So go head and amaze the employers with your outstanding, exciting and persuasive cover letter. Hire a cover letter writing service right now!

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