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On My Reference List to Employers, Who Should I Include?

On My Reference List to Employers, Who Should I Include?

When it comes to Professional References, people either don’t pay much attention to the name or when they do, they often get confused as to whose name they should include on their reference list to employers!

Well, there are some skills and achievements that you can always prove with your degree, certification, promotion letter and many more but are these skills enough to prove that you are the right fit for a particular job opening? Sadly, not! These skills are just a part of your overall qualification requirement puzzle. You should hire a Professional Resume Writing Company

Employers do look for soft skills also in the candidate applying for the job. Although, such soft skills may vary with the employer, yet one thing that remains common is, ‘they are much harder to prove’. This is when professional references can play a major role.

Listing professional references can have a make or break impact on your resume. If you aren’t sure whom you should list as a reference on your resume and who to avoid, keep the following points in mind:

Referencing Former Employers:

The very first name that comes to the mind of a person for ‘Reference List’ is of a Former Employer. But, wait! Have you checked if your former company allows this? Most managers cannot be put on a professional reference list because company policy forbids them from giving another future potential employer any personal information about the former employee.

Also, do not forget to inform your references in advance about the listing. After all, who likes to receive an unexpected call, especially to give details on another person’s professional life?

Include only Professional References:

You should never include family members, spouses, brothers and sisters in your reference list because their opinion about you is never unbiased. If you are not sure ask a professional resume writing service. Nonetheless, If they are not your closest relative (spouses, brothers and sisters) and work in the same industry, you can add them as reference. However, we recommend you avoid adding any relative in the reference list. They should all be professional references.

Should I Refresh my reference list each time I distribute it to an employer:

This is one section of the resume which many job-seekers feel you should not update or refresh. Well, you must know the fact that whatsoever praises your initial references have for you, you should keep refreshing the list. Don’t over-use a particular person’s name; they may not always have the time to entertain the request!

Make sure you use the name of only those people whom you have worked with in the past and who know you professionally! References can have a major impact and can help play a vital role in the decision making process for your future employer Don't take a chance by writing your own resume, get assistance!

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