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What Words Should I Avoid Putting On My Resume?

What Words Should I Avoid Putting On My Resume?

What is a great resume? A great resume is one that includes all of your achievements and set of skills but in a manner that is convincing to the Hiring Managers who read it. If you only come up with a document that is unable to keep the attention of the employer or does not make him curious enough to give you a chance, then you are only wasting your time and nothing more.  Anytime you sit down and begin writing your resume, you need to keep in mind all the do's and dont's that hiring managers love and hate to see on your resume.

For example, if you feel like you need to showcase your highly extensive vocabulary in a resume then you are wrong.  What really matters is how you put together the words that are actually supposed to be present and avoid the ones that will make you seem like somebody who has no idea what he or she is talking about.  You need to avoid the overused words that have been a part of every resume for the past century; come up with new and engaging ways.   In the following text, you will be guided on which words to exclude from a resume to make it more powerful, engaging, and worth your effort.

Avoid Using The Following Words On Your Resume


This is an old-fashioned way to introduce your goals in life to your potential employer. There was a time when this word caught the attention of the concerned person but that time is long gone. If you really want to include an opening statement in your resume that gives an overview of the kind of job that you are fit for, use the words “Summary Statement”, instead of objective.

“Problem-solving Skills”

Problem-solving skills are something that is a necessary part of survival. Everyone has the set of skills that are required to solve the daily life problems. Some people might be able to resolve issues at a faster pace than others, but it isn’t something that is absent in others while you have it. “Problem-solving skills”- this phrase can actually cause problems for you in getting a job.

This phrase also has a lot of negative energy. It can make one think that you were actually part of creating a problem and then you tried to resolve it on your own too.

Not a good picture to paint, is it?

“Team Player”

Instead of saying that you are a team player, it would be better if you tell the employer about the exact situations where you acted like one. Talk about the teams or groups that you have been a part of in the past, talk about your success stories as someone who worked with other people and achieved extraordinary goals.

“Hard Worker”

You are obviously a hard worker when you think of yourself because you are trying your best to get employed. The employer is not interested in seeing the words “hard worker”; the employer would rather want to know about the pressure situations where you did work hard to avoid any mishandling or loss to the company that you worked for before.

Even if this is your first job, talk about deadlines and the work that you did under certain circumstances in your educational institute that show the concerned person that yes, you are equipped with enough skills and intelligence to be called a hard worker.


The person on the other end, who is reading your resume has never seen you “work”; he or she is unaware of the effort that you put into the tasks that you worked on. You need to convey a clearer and better message to the employer. What was the actual work that you did in a certain situation? Did you “facilitate” in some kind of a task?

Were you involved in the “reduction” of the total bill of some costly project? What is it that you actually did to help out? I “worked” alongside my team to help them achieve the desired goal does not really show what you are capable of. Using proper and bet-suited verbs in your resume are a must!

“Microsoft Office”

You know how to create documents and work in an application of Microsoft Office? Everyone nowadays is required to be skilled enough to use these basic applications, no matter what profession they are working in. This is something that isn’t even worth mentioning. It falls under the category of the things that do not make you unique or worthy of appointment in any way. Do not try to act over-smart and put such primary level things on your resume, you will be rejected right away.

“Reference Available At Request”

This is one of the worst things to ever put on your resume.  If you do have references, attach them on a separate document with your resume submission; let the employer know about them instead of having them contact you again for this purpose.  They might as well save time and throw your resume in the trash can.


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