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Resume Writing Service For The Agriculture Industry

The Agriculture Industry has been around for thousands of years and millions of Americans are involved in this age-old industry. There are so many career opportunities in this industry that a candidate can very well think of a wide range of jobs in farming and ranching.

However, with the large amount of career options available, it is easier to classify these career opportunities by their specific field rather than specific job titles.

Let’s look at the various Career Options in the Agriculture Industry:

Agricultural Communication:

Agriculture is one of those industries that have large departments dedicated to the promotion and marketing of their produce. Today, the big agricultural and farming companies involve individuals in agricultural communications.

These individuals often work in the capacity of marketing professionals, reporters, and specialists. Although a large majority of these positions will require the minimum of a bachelor’s degree in their respective field, some sales jobs can be pursued with limited education. The various associated job titles can be summarized here are:

Marketing Communications Manager

  • Sales Manager

  • Accounts Manager

  • Public Relation Officer

  • Market News Reporter

  • Farm News Reporter

  • Advertising Specialist

  • Fertilizer Sales Representative

Agricultural Engineering:

Agricultural Engineering is an area that requires an advanced degree within the field of engineering. You need to have a robust knowledge of the usage of machinery, waste management, buildings, etc. to ensure the safety of the food supply. The various associated job titles can be summarized here are:

  • Irrigation Engineer

  • Food Engineer

  • Bio-Processing Engineer

  • Machinery Designing Engineer


Agronomy is also an area in agriculture that requires an advanced degree within the field of biology, agriculture, soil management and crop production. However, there are some low- level positions in this category that may be carried out with a low level of education. The various associated job titles can be summarized here are

  • Soil Manager

  • Soil Scientist

  • Soil Surveyor

  • Crop Specialist

  • Plant Breeder

  • Farm Supply Representative

Agricultural Education:

Agriculture is a field that requires specialized knowledge and skills to sow the crops and ensure a good harvest. This knowledge is imparted through various agricultural courses and conducting agricultural research. It is important for someone to teach and train people these courses and skills.

There are specialized tutors, instructors, and educationists to impart Agricultural Education to the aspirants. It is to be noted that this education is not only provided by the formal teachers but also by the big organizations that employ tutors, researchers and educators in the agricultural field. The various associated job titles can be summarized here are:

  • Education Specialist

  • Farm Manager

  • Soil Conservationist

  • Education Supervisor

  • Extension Adviser

These are some of the many opportunities available in the Agriculture Industry. If you’re wanting to obtain the opportunity that best fits your experience, you should know what to include and what to exclude in your resume, how to format it and how to present it.

Looking for a job in the Agriculture Industry? You're going to need more than experience to get you a job. Yes, a Professional Agricultural Resume is the answer! A professionally drafted resume can improve your chances of getting noticed by employers and gaining interviews.

Your resume should highlight your core competencies, unique skills and past work experience and place an emphasis on the areas that can prove you to be beneficial for the desired position.

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