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Resume Writing Service for the Brewery Industry

Cheers to the love of beer and the career opportunities that come with it.

With the largest number of breweries of any city in the world, Portland is a destination spot of career opportunities in the Brewery Industry. If you have a good palate for beer, extensive career opportunities in the beverage industry are open for you. Let Top Resume Pros create your job winning resume.

Apart from the opportunity for traditional job titles like brewers, quality analysts, technicians, etc., the industry has high demands for administration, marketing, sales and finance.

Let us take a look at the various non-traditional jobs in the brewery industry:

Beer Sales Executive:

A Beer Sales Representative is an important member of a beer manufacturing business. He/She is actually the soldier on the ground that makes every effort to boost the sale of beer.

He/She needs to be organized and focused on all the products he/she is selling. The main responsibility of a beer sales executive is to build a strong relationship with all his/her colleagues, supervisors and clients.

Brand Ambassador:

The Brewery Industry is very interesting. For many companies, selling beer is more than going from door to door. They organize beer tasting events and other engaging events where you can have fun and introduce your brand to a given audience enumerating its various benefits. You represent your brand and work as a brand ambassador for one of the most enjoyed products on the planet. Interesting, isn’t it?

Beer Journalist:

Have you ever heard about people making a living writing about beer? Yes, they do and earn a pretty decent amount of money doing it too. Many renowned beer publications need beer journalists to write quality information portraying their beer and their company in the best way possible.  For this position, you might even get some beer samples!

Draft Brewer Technician:

Draft beer is much more difficult than what people envision. Beer needs to be stored at the proper temperature, served properly, and maintenance of all the equipment is paramount. An efficient draft beer technician should have a technical aptitude and be able to help control the quality of the beer.

Brewery Social Media Analyst:

Like any other industry, the Brewery Industry relies on the influence of social media. Brewers find social media as a medium to not only advertise but also to connect with their fans, loyal customers and to build a lasting relationship.

Customer Service Representative:

A brewery sales representative should be able to answer any sort of query from interested buyers. His job profile includes general administrative, account management, impeccable data entry support and customer service duties including answering phone calls, and email inquiries.

The skills required by the job are excellent communication, task oriented and highly organized. The ability to perform within an autonomous and flexible work environment is paramount.

Tour Guide:

For a beer lover, can there be any better profession than talking about beer all day? The role of a beer tour guide is very interesting actually. Most of the breweries invite visitors as to educate them about their specialty, the history of their brewery, etc.  This is where visitors can learn about the brewery’s history and have a chance to look at the operations required for beer making.

However, the job opportunities are lucrative! Don’t apply for a job with a  poorly written resume or cover letter.  A professional well-crafted resume and cover letter can easily help you stand out from the crowd. So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t let a resume stand in the way of your potential future. Hire a Top Resume Pros Writer today to get a customized,  job-winning resume!

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