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Should I Have Designs On My Resume?

In this ever-evolving world of technology, the requirements for resumes change quickly. Gone are the days when applicants could impress the hiring managers by walking into a place of business and handing them a resume.

Today, you must take the opportunity to stand out in the crowd by following the latest requirements regarding your resume. Whether you reconstruct the layout of your resume or use an interesting font, designs on resume are a growing desire amongst the job seekers. The answer to this question isn’t necessarily a simple one.

One must remember that your resume will more than likely be put through the Applicant Tracking System and must be able to pass through this easily if you want to be considered for the position to which you are applying. That is why you should hire a Professional Resume Writing Service. An experienced professional resume writer will be able to guide you in the understanding of whether you should include designs or not.

How Can I Ensure That I Have Acceptable Designs On My Resume?

Having designs on your resume can reflect the creative side of who you are but remember to not overdo it. Whether you create a logo, explore an expressive color palette, use an interesting font, or graphics, always remember not to lose vision of the information.

Substance over style is the key for a job-winning resume. It should not be that your resume is too heavy on creativity or too light on content as hiring managers usually spend only about 6 seconds glancing at a resume. A clean and clear modern design will display your creativity while an excess amount of it can keep it from passing the

Applicant Tracking System. Keeping a balance between creativity and expertise is crucial for making the right first impression.

Many job seekers have the decision to make of whether to create their resume by themselves or have it written by a professional. A professionally written resume has the potential to help you obtain interviews which will open doors for the future.

A professional resume writer will not only create an outstanding resume with a powerful summary, work history, education, and achievements but they will also highlight you exactly how you want to be perceived – professional and valuable.

Whatever creative formatting or design choice, the writer will ensure that it adheres to Applicant Tracking System standards. Whether they add some modern design, graphic or even a personalized logo to your resume, they will ensure that your resume is professional, clear and concise – making you stand out to hiring managers.

Where Can I Get the Best Resume Designs?

If you are looking for the best professional resume writing services in Portland, OR, or Vancouver, WA, you need to go with the local Professional Resume Writers. You want to seek a team of certified Professional Resume Writers who are experts in creating creative resumes that are a perfect mix of substance and innovation.

We understand creative resumes are very popular and eye-catching in comparison to traditional ones, but under no circumstances should they overshadow your accomplishments and past work experience.

Hire a Local Professional Resume Writer who will create a resume that focuses on how you can be an asset to their company while including just the right amount of creativity. This helps the potential employer get an idea of your strengths and everything you can bring to the table. 

Having designs on your resume is fine as long as they are in accordance with the Applicant Tracking System standards. However, it should be noted that the format of the resume, whether traditional or creative, is just a piece of the puzzle in the entire application process. 

You need to pack your resume with invaluable experience, write a persuasive cover letter and finally nail your interview to ultimately get the job. Whether or not you decide to choose a creative resume, keeping the bigger picture in mind will prepare you for the application process. 

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