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Should I Have My Resume Writer Create A Thank You Letter?

With the rise in competition, job seekers have an array of questions when they enter into the job market. One of the questions that often confuse them is whether they should send a thank you letter after an interview or not. This question however comes with its own share of thoughts.

Thoughts like, does sending a thank you letter after an interview really make any difference? Do Hiring Managers really care? If yes, exactly when should they send it? How should they send it? What should they include in a thank you letter and much more. Let us take a look at all that you need to know about a thank you letter after an Interview.

Should I send a Thank You Letter After My Interview? 

There is no fix answer to this question but we do recommend sending a well-drafted and timely thank you letter after an interview. Ideally, the interview doesn’t get over when you walk out of the room. Sending a thank you note can leave a positive influence on the hiring manager.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

However, there are people who feel that sending a thank you letter can hurt your chances under certain circumstances. In case your handwriting is poor or you aren’t a good writer, it would be better to avoid sending one while in other cases, sending a thank you letter might make you seem desperate for the job.

The Final Verdict – While a thank you letter after an interview may or may not make a difference to the hiring manager, it is still not a bad idea to send one!

When Should I Send an Interview Thank You Letter?

Well, the interviewer doesn’t take only a few interviews for the job position. There are many candidates he/she interviews during the hiring process and if you delay in sending the thank you letter, your impression is likely to fade from his/her memory.

Thus, you should send a thank you letter soon after your interview so that he/she can relate it to you. Your letter should reach the interviewer before he makes a hiring decision and that’s why you should try sending it within 24 hours of your interview.

How Should I Send a Thank You Letter?

Once you decide to send a thank you letter to the hiring manager, this is probably the most challenging question you will face – How should I send it, Should it be through an email or handwritten? Well, that depends!

If you have enough time and your handwriting is good, then provide a handwritten thank you letter. According to a survey, handwritten letters are preferred to an email. However, it is to be noted that an email is preferred in cases where the hiring manager has clearly stated that he/she will be making a decision fast or it’s an urgent opening.

To Whom Should I Send a Thank You Letter?

The answer to this question totally depends upon who interviewed you. If you were interviewed by a panel of interviewers, send a personalized letter to every interviewer. This gesture will definitely be appreciated by them and will make a strong impression. Don’t forget to ask the interviewer(s) for their business card so as to have his/their email and mailing address.

What Should I Include in the Letter?

Don’t write a long thank you letter. Keep it precise, thanking the interviewer for taking out time to interview you and restate your interest in the position. If there was something that can remind the interviewer of a positive interaction between you two, you can even mention that as well.

Now that you have written your thank you letter, ensure that you read it carefully before sending it. Ask someone else to read it to make necessary edits, if required. Don’t forget that your thank you letter should be simple and professional, after all, you are still making an attempt to impress the hiring manager through it!

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