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What should I put on my LinkedIn Profile?

What should I put on my LinkedIn Profile?

If you knew you had the opportunity to make an impact on a potential employer, would you make use of that opportunity? Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile with a professional resume writing service will open doors for you. In the widespread job market, many job-seekers don’t even get a chance to make an impression due to an inadequate LinkedIn Profile, so make the most of it through a powerful and professionally written LinkedIn Profile.

Also, don’t forget to include your contact information. Make it easy for people to find you. Include your phone number, customized LinkedIn URL,  and email account. Make sure you confirm the phone number and email account are current so contact from potential employers reaches you.

What Should My Summary Look Like?

Many job-seekers leave the Summary Section blank. Don’t make this mistake, take this opportunity to highlight yourself. A LinkedIn Profile Summary is an introduction of your resume that helps the hiring managers and the recruiters to focus in on you. Make sure that it is professionally written and customized to show your skills and abilities.LinkedIn allows you to write a 2000 - character long Summary, so make quality use of this section.

Use keywords that recruiters and hiring managers will be searching for! Mention key points that are not clearly explained through the bullet points in your resume. The summary is your first chance to show case your abilities. So, make sure the first impression has them wanting to see more.

Make your LinkedIn Summary powerful and precise. It is imperative not to lose the reader before they ever even get to your work history and education. Many times, if the Summary doesn’t hold the attention of the reader, they will move on to the next applicant which is why you should hire a professional resume writing service.

Should I add a Title to my LinkedIn Profile?

Absolutely! The Title/Titles you add to your LinkedIn profile should clearly define who you are as a professional. A profiles Title/Titles is the search information used on LinkedIn searches by recruiters and hiring managers. So, make sure that the Titles used on your current resume correctly define you in your profession. However, don’t include Titles from jobs years ago, the Titles you use should be relevant in showing the professional you are today!

How to Record My Educational Details?

There is a possibility that some recruiters use advanced search filters that only populate the name of prospective candidates holding a specific degree. So, keep your education up to date and define them with respect to the job requirements in your field. Always update any coursework you may be taking as well.

Do Endorsements & Recommendations hold any Meaning?

Endorsements play a major role in getting your profile shortlisted. In fact, LinkedIn prompts its users to endorse other connections that they find worthy of endorsing. Endorsements are basically an opportunity for you to agree that a connection has the skill for the task they have listed.

Recommendations on the other hand are great to have. Recommendations are written by the people who have worked alongside you, by managers or owners who find you an asset and want to recommend you for a future position or recommend you for a future employer. A recommendation is someone who can also be a reference.

Should I add a Photo to my profile?

Yes, you should add a photo to your profile as it makes it more relatable. Add a professional photo with a smile on your face. It is recommended to have a white background and to have the phone taken by a professional photographer. Don’t add an old photo just for the sake that the photo was well-captured, instead add a recent photograph that resembles your present self.

Who Helps Write Professional LinkedIn Profiles in Portland?

Top Resume Pros is rated as the #1 resume writing service in Oregon. We revamp LinkedIn Profiles for quality, maximum exposure. Our Certified Career Coaches prepare our clients for upcoming interviews and consult with our clients about the best career choices to make. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels for an appointment today!

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