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Why are Keywords, Key Phrases, and Buzzwords so important?

In today’s competitive world, a resume or CV is of utmost importance for the new job seekers as well as for those who are striving for better job opportunities. With the times, competition has grown tougher and you must take every step necessary to stand out against the many resumes that an employer must sort through. The excellent usage of the keywords, key phrases, and buzz words in your resume will make the difference between standing out or not being considered at all.

What are Keywords, Key Phrases, and Buzz Words?

Keywords: Keywords are those particular words that describe your qualities, competitiveness, strength and abilities in your resume. For example: analytical, competent, fast learner, etc. Using keywords in your resume is, in fact, a technique of highlighting your relevant skills, credentials and achievements.

Without them, you will go unnoticed in the job market even if you are the most qualified candidate. In other words, keywords actually play a key role in increasing your visibility and credibility among the employers.

Key Phrases: Key phrases are the phrases used in your resume that define your competitiveness to fulfill the vacant position in its optimum capacity. The phrases such as; provide constructive feedback, motivates team members, negotiates deals efficiently, delegates tasks effectively, etc. provide a powerful impact on your resume.

Such keywords used in a resume are short and simple yet they put an amazing highlight on your personality. If you want to prove the efficiency of your skills and talents to meet the job requirements, you must not ever ignore using key phrases in your resume.

Buzzwords: Buzzwords, on the other hand, are the words or phrases or any terminologies that are specific in describing your accomplishments.  The implementation of these buzzwords shows your knowledge and abilities thus making you a suitable candidate for the position being offered. Make sure these are accurate and clear.

Why are Keywords, Key Phrases and Buzzwords Important?

The basic motive behind using keywords, key phrases and buzzwords in your resume is to get yourself noticed in a single glance and make a positive impression about yourself in the eyes of the prospective employer. Therefore, always make sure to equip your resume with these necessary words so you are not pushed to the side. The importance of using keywords, key phrases and buzzwords are as follows:

Get noticed by the computers: The initial resume selection is done by computers through filtering on the basis of predefined keywords or phrases related to any job. Never underestimate the power of keywords, phrases and buzz words if you want to be selected by the computers.

Highlight your assets: This is another reason why you should use them in your resume. They are very effective in highlighting your strength and abilities required for a particular job.

Make a powerful impression: Keywords are the first things to be noticed and relevant keywords and phrases can make a powerful positive impression on your prospective employer.

Stand out: Keywords and key phrases focus on your competitive abilities to stand out against all other competitors for the position.

Become professional and successful: It’s a sign of professionalism to use such words in your resume. Not only that, they also boost your success rate of being chosen for the interview. The presence of buzzwords in your resume shows that you are competitive and the right candidate to choose.

The keywords, key phrases, and buzz words are vital parts of your resume to express your qualities and increase your visibility. It is clear from above why you should be using them. Indeed, the key words and phrases are truly necessary and must be picked carefully in-order- to make the desired impact.

There are many professional resume writers and services that can help assist you. Contact the best resume company and make your resume stand out with the best words.

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