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Will You Receive Calls For Interviews With Your Current Resume?

How do I get called for an interview?

The question is popular among many of us who have struggled in applying for jobs, especially in big companies and still haven’t heard anything in return. It is really disappointing when you do everything possible in creating your best cover letter and best resume but eventually end up being rejected for an interview. If you too are one of those who is wondering “Why I am not getting an email or a call from the employer for a job interview?” it’s time to learn all the job interview secrets that will solve your problem.

Below are the proven tips and methods for getting job interviews that will help you understand how to prepare for a job interview while you are still in the job searching process. Here you go; explore them:

Make your application personal:

Most of the time, the best way to get called for an interview is to make your application sound personal to the person you are addressing to in your cover letter. Usually, job announcements won’t reveal who the hiring manager or the concerned authority person is.

So search for their profiles in social media and get to know the person first. Address them personally to show that you care to establish a real relationship with them rather than just making dry and impersonal communication.

Use referrals:

Believe it or not, this interview information alone can get 50% of your job done as long as you are serious about the job you are applying for. Do extensive networking and get referrals from people in the company or organization to portray yourself as a credible candidate in the employer’s eye. If you have invested a lot of effort into getting an interview call but are still failing, try this out as it’s really effective.

Stand out:

Stand out and be different because that is the best way to focus the employers’ attention towards you. Also show them how you are an exceptional candidate who will help to accomplish their goals. Be proactive, do research on the ways you can benefit the company, create a strategic plan and put it on the table. Prove to them you are a valuable asset to them and to the company.

Highlight key strengths in the email:

Instead of writing a plain or boring email, include brief highlights of your major accomplishments, a link to your profile or a video, a sample of your previous work or anything that speaks volumes of your professional life. In short, take advantage of showcasing your strengths whenever it is possible. Always remember to emphasize your key strengths on every level so that the employers will consider you as a potential candidate for a job interview.

Create an outstanding and professional CV:

Not everybody is aware of this. How about you? It is a must that you know what a professional CV is and create one so that it makes you stand out from the rest and helps you to target jobs using keywords and other skillful tactics. Hire a professional CV writer or coach to produce a CV that sells, not the one that merely informs who you are.

There are many ways to get contacted by an employer for a job interview but the ones mentioned above are considered to be more powerful than others. If you need further help, contact a professional career coach who will assist you through the process of accomplishing your career objectives.

If you want a job and have all that it takes to perform it, why face rejection just because you don’t know how to get an interview call? You don’t deserve more disappointment. Follow the above-mentioned smart interview tips and get that anticipated call or email soon!

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